We are so proud of these incredible leaders that were nominated to be candidates for this program, that have officially vested and achieved all of them milestones put in place to become Legacy Founders. This is just the beginning as we have countless others pushing through to accomplish this and join them as Legacy Founders.


Jaclyn Walker

“It feels a little like half-time in my life, meeting Aspen and Bravenly, and for such a time as this.  Like many women I have followed a specific career path that I thought would be a forever gig, and life had bigger plans.  I’ve been getting acquainted with myself in this season’s opportunity, knowing I was capable of producing results but definitely not certain the scope and scale of my full potential.  It’s easy to doubt yourself as you leap.  This is where chasing your brave is critical. Aspen is a visionary.  She sees possibility in people and processes, and creates something  from nothing.  She has made it easy to align at the core level and paved a path where anyone can win.  For me this is the stuff of legacy, which is a deep dream of mine.  I’m incredibly humbled and grateful to be a part of it.”

– Jaclyn W.

Lisa Johnson


Three words that have followed me most of my life.  I have ALWAYS wanted to make an IMPACT on this world.  I have lived my life hoping that my actions and decisions would impact this world and those that I am leaving it to.  My children and those I love…. LEGACY…. Through the impact that I hope to make, I get to leave a LEGACY for those to follow.  FOUNDER…Through my journey, thus far, I have founded an incredible business through the food industry and one through the hospitality industry…but, I have not felt full…

When asked to accept a LEGACY FOUNDER position with Bravenly Global, with the pillars representing COURAGE, INTEGRITY and IMPACT, the answer was yes.  We all want to matter and make a difference. By vesting as a Legacy Founder, I GET to use my gifts and my heart to do the very thing that my journey has brought me through.  I was made for such a time as this.  I not only get to create the culture of this company, but get to help build a Legacy for others many years after I am gone.  The Emry family embodies all of these pillars and I am honored to be able to lock arms and continue to help build the foundation of this company.  I am committed to helping others understand that they may be the start of one ripple that makes the difference in this world.  Together, we are better.

I am home.  My heart is full.

– Lisa J.

Mikki Pease

“Being a Legacy Founder of Bravenly Global is very special and still slightly unbelievable to me. It was an honor for my team to be seen, nominated for our hard work, and leadership early on here at Bravenly. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have helped build such a solid foundation and to continue to build our brand.”

– Mikki P.

Nikki VanTimmeren


Bravenly created a program to PARTNER with specific leaders in our field to jump-start recruiting, provide training and coaching support to Bravenly Nation that will set the foundation to build momentum while creating company culture. This group of leaders met qualifications that make them a candidate. Once they accept a list of milestones, they must hit them to officially become a Legacy Founder. Those that do, become vital to the core of who we are and where we are going.
These Legacy Founders become the INNER CIRCLE of our company FOREVER. There are special perks that they earn when they earn the title of Legacy Founder.